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Portfolio-Wide Energy Benchmarking, Made Easy!

Why spend a lot of time benchmarking your buildings?

Here's how we save you time, money & hassle...

You... provide us with a list of building addresses your company owns/manages (

We... tell you 1) which ones have to comply, 2) when their first deadline is, 3) if any other local energy laws are applicable.

You... login in to our Benchmarking Portal to complete the required Utility Authorization and Property Info Forms. Done.

We take care of everything else...

  • Create Portfolio Manager account for each of your buildings.

  • File paperwork and follow up with each utility company to obtain energy use data (SCE, LADWP, PG&E, SoCal Gas, etc..)

  • Register all buildings with applicable local law agencies (e.g. Los Angeles EBEWE).

  • Upload obtained info to Portfolio Manager and finalize Benchmark Reports.

  • Submit Benchmark Reports to comply with each applicable benchmark law (no extra fees for multiple laws).

We... will notify you once everything is said and done.

We... continue to be available to You and the Benchmark Administrators for any follow up questions.

We... guarantee compliance, or we pay any fines for you + your money back. 

Membership includes guaranteed compliance with EBEWE, PLUS other applicable local benchmark laws for FREE, including:

California Assembly Bill 802 (AB 802)
San Francisco Existing Commercial Buildings Energy Performance Ordinance
Berkeley Building Energy Saving Ordinance

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