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Buy Benchmark Credits for Turn-Key Compliance

EBEWE Benchmark Deadline:

June 1, 2024 

(all buildings over 20,000 sq.ft.)

Buy Benchmark Credit

Buy 1 Benchmark Credit and Get Guaranteed Compliance for 1-Year

There Are Only 3 Steps Needed to Complete Your Benchmark With Our Easy, EBEWE Benchmarking Tool:

Step 1) Create a free account to use the Easy, EBEWE Benchmarking Tool

Step 2) Download & Submit Authorization Forms (30 minutes or less)

Step 3) Purchase Benchmark Credits once we verify which of your buildings need to comply

... and then, We Take Care of Everything For You:

Create your Portfolio Manager Account
Register your building with LA Department of Building and Safety
Obtain Energy & Water Use Data from LADWP & SoCal Gas
Complete & Submit Benchmark to LADBS on your behalf.

Buy Benchmark Credits: (Only 1 Credit Needed per Building)

Have more than 1 building that needs benchmarking?  View Pricing »

AB 802 Energy Benchmark Money Back Guarantee

+ Penalty Protection Guarantee (must be started 60+ days before deadline)

+ Price-Match (PLUS $27 OFF) Guarantee

+ 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

1 Credit = 1 Benchmark

(any building in California) 

Get an Energy/Water Audit & RCx Quote:


1st Audit & RCx Deadline: June 31, 2019 (buildings 20,000+ sq.ft., based on parcel #)

A Licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.) ​is required to fulfill the Energy Audit + Water Audit + Retro-Commissioning requirements. 

Not sure which of your buildings have to comply?  Email us and we will look up the deadlines for each building in your portfolio:

Request a Quote: Complete the form below to request a quote and/or find out when your building is due:



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