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$207 w/ Partnership (25% savings)

per benchmark* (valid quantity between 11 and 20 benchmarks)


*Price Includes:

+ Penalty Protection Guarantee

+ Price-Match (PLUS $27 OFF) Guarantee

+ 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

+ Initial research to determine which buildings are required to comply with the Ordinance and when

+ 15% off Energy Audit & RCx Compliance Services


Note: In addition to the pricing above, LADBS charges a $61 “registration fee” per building in order to submit the benchmark.  Vert Energy Group can register and pay this fee on behalf of Client, and the additional amount will be invoiced once project is started.






Receive an extra 25% off all compliance services.

  • We take care of 100% of your benchmark requirements.
  • You have the right to cancel anytime if you want to work with any outside vendors in the future. 
  • If you decide to cancel, you keep all discounts we've given you, but any new benchmarks will be charged at our standard rates.  
  • It's that simple, so let's get started!

Benchmark Credits w/ Partnership (Qty: 11-20)

$277.00 Regular Price
$207.00Sale Price

    1 Credit = 1 Benchmark

    (any building in California) 

    Save 25% with a Benchmark Partnership!

    Cancel anytime for free. Learn More »

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    We Take Care of Everything For You:

    Create Portfolio Manager Account
    Register your building with LA Department of Building and Safety
    Obtain Energy & Water Use Data from LADWP & SoCal Gas
    Complete & Submit Benchmark to LADBS on your behalf.


    What Happens Next?

    • Step 1: Buy Benchmark Credits (next page     )

    • Step 2: Submit Authorization Forms (for your electric & gas companies)

    • Step 3: Submit Property Information Forms

    • You're Done! (We will take care of everything else behind the scenes and notify you once the benchmark is complete)

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    (310) 736-1371


    100 Spectrum Center Drive, Suite 900, Irvine, CA 92618


    EBEWEordinance.com is an online tool to help Los Angeles building owners and managers comply with annual Energy Benchmark and Energy/Water Audits & RCx requirements.  This law applies to buildings over 20,000 sq.ft., with the first deadline for Benchmarking on December 1, 2017.  Audit & RCx deadlines begin in 2019.

    *This website can also be used to manage and comply with other benchmark laws, including AB 802, New York, Seattle and more.  

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