2021 ENERGY STAR® Certification

Certified buildings can receive an exemption from the Energy Audit & RCx requirements of the Los Angeles EBEWE Ordinance

Plus, studies have shown positive financial impacts for building owners, such as

Rent Prices (2-14%)            Occupancy Rates (3-11%)          Property Value (2-25%)

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EBEWEordinance.com is an online tool to help Los Angeles building owners and managers comply with annual Energy Benchmark and Energy/Water Audits & RCx requirements.  This law applies to buildings over 20,000 sq.ft., with the first deadline for Benchmarking on December 1, 2017.  Audit & RCx deadlines begin in 2019.

*This website can also be used to manage and comply with other benchmark laws, including AB 802, New York, Seattle and more.  

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