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Building Modernization Program

Let the Experts Implement Your Energy & Modernization Upgrades


Implement Smart Building Upgrades, Like a Pro.

  • Maximize utility rebates & tax incentives to lower costs.

  • Maximize ROI (return on investment) by selecting the right projects to implement. 

  • Use OPM (other people's money) to pay for upfront costs with energy financing programs.

  • Why waste your time getting multiple bids? Let the experts find the right vendors for your project and then negotiate on your behalf to get you the best price.

  • Increase Property Value (2-15%) with green building certifications.

Design »

Identify the

Best Upgrades

to Implement

Design Project for Optimal Efficiency & Highest ROI 

Get Pre-Screened Bids from Multiple Vendors

Identify Available

"Free Money"

(rebates & incentives)

Celebrate Accomplishments with Green Building Certifications

Perform Quality Check, Commissioning and Measurement & Verification (M&V)

Manage Project(s)

For You as

"Owner's Technical Representative"

Secure $0 Down Project Financing

(if needed)



Modern, Efficient Buildings, Made Easy.

Save Time and Money. Let the Experts Implement Building Retrofits For You.​​

  • Energy Efficiency Improvements

  • Building Equipment Upgrade & Replacements

  • Electric & Mechanical System Modernizations

  • Water Efficiency Improvements

  • Renewable Energy and Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

  • Green Building Certifications (Energy Star, LEED)

Is the Building Management Program right for ME?​​

  • 20+ year old equipment?

  • Low Energy Benchmark Score? (less than 55)​

  • Want to make upgrades to improve equipment reliability and efficiency?

  • Want to reduce operating costs?

  • Do you already have capital improvements planned in the next 3 years?

  • Interested in getting utility rebates and tax credits to pay for upgrades?​

If YES to any above, then the BMP is a good fit for you!

Questions about the BMP?

(800) 585-2690

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