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Get Help with Energy & Water Benchmark Compliance
due by June 1, 2024 
(all buildings over 20,000 sq.ft.)

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Simplify Benchmark Compliance in 3 Steps:

Step 1) Create a VertPro® account

Step 2) Add Properties & Submit Authorization Forms (30 minutes or less)

Step 3) Select 1 or 3-year partnership pricing

Done. Your benchmarks will be finalized and submitted on your behalf.

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You'll be notified once your building is in compliance.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Next Steps

Meanwhile... We'll take care of everything behind the scenes for you:

Step 1) Determine if your building(s) needs to comply (in City of L.A. limits? Over minimum sq.ft.?)
Step 2) Determine which Building I.D.’s need to be Benchmarked or don't have to comply
Step 3) Create an LADBS Account + Register each Building I.D. 
Step 4) Create a Portfolio Manager Account + Set up each property
Step 5) Complete LADWP Authorization Forms + Request 12-24 Months of “Aggregated” Usage
Step 6) Complete SoCal Gas Authorization Forms + Request 12-24 Months of “Aggregated” Usage
Step 7) Add Property Use Details (for each space type) + Energy & Water Usage + Building I.D.(s)
Step 8) Run Data Quality Check + Finalize Benchmarking Reports
Step 9) Pay LADBS Registration Fee + Submit Benchmark Reports

Step 10) Prepare a "Portfolio Efficiency Assessment Report" + Review Savings Opportunities Identified

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